yes on GRU referendum

“Of all forms of government, local government has the greatest impact on the average person’s life.”

Citizen Coalition PC is a non-partisan organization working to improve local government.

Stop planned GRU rate hikes!

Vote YES on the Nov. 6th GRU ratepayer choice amendment

Keeping GRU Local

It will appear on the ballot near the bottom of a long list of referendums.

Municipal Referenda

Please DONATE online today or contact us and we will come by and pick up a check.
There is NO campaign limit and any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Only city residents will be allowed to vote,
but EVERYONE is allowed to donate!

Together we can make a difference! Thank you!

Your Donation Matters!




 Need more information? Looking for a yard sign? Want to join the team?

Call us at 352-317-7700
Darlene Pifalo, Chairwoman

yes on GRU referendum